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It is that time of year again! Feel the flames getting hotter; licking at your flesh like a thousand tiny mouths.


You probably didn’t come here to play with fire though. You’re here to view my lovely 2019 Gift Guide! Below, you shall find a ‘bountiful’ list of gift ideas if you kind sir or madam were lucky enough to be chosen to shower me with gifts.

Here is a link to my steam wish list:


Other than that, I still like the following if you want to gift something physical:

  • Gundam model kits
  • RPGs (please check steam list above)
  • Cute things game related
  • Game related apparel
  • Wheel of Time Book 1 or Book 9, Hardcover Please

I know, hard list. I’m not too picky and I’m quite positive I would adore anything would gift to me.

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