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It’s that time of year again, where I scour the web looking for a picture of Santa or his accursed tree up in flames.


Oh, and it’s christmas too I suppose.

Welcome! Either you were the lucky recipient to have me this time around or you are here to live your hopes and dream vicariously through my gift matter! Let the listing begin!


If you are going the steam(y) route, you may wish to delve into the Sqaure Enix offerings against what I already have. Such as, numbered Final Fantasy, except 11 and 14, I will hunt you down mr/ms cutesy pants if partake in such tomfoolery. Chrono Trigger would also be a fine choice. Hell, any good jrpg is a good choice. I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on Resident evil 7 either. Here is a link to my wishlist:


If you decide to get physical with me, I have a Switch.

Outside of games, I enjoy gundam models, other collectibles from gaming and stuff.


My interests are pain, sorrow and chicanery. These things may prove difficult to place into a tangible object unless we’re gifting voodoo/possessed dolls, so I will give you series and the like to go off of.

Square Enix

Mega Man (I don’t have 11 yet)

Blizzard (the game company not the ice cream ‘treat’)

Unique, cute stuffs

Kittens (note: do not send live animals through mail, I hear-tell that is an illegal practice)


Bullet Hell simulators (no issac/gungeon please, already have)

I’m sure this list is extremely helpful and will prove useful as you scramble to appease my gifting desires.


Lastly, if you feel to compelled to get something...risque....let it be known that you would have to go all out and break a few federal laws to offend me.

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