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Greetings friends. If you have found your way here, chances are you have been chosen to shower me with gifts. That or you’re stalking me, living vicariously through my gift choices or possibly curious of the ramblings of a dirty old man.


For what ever the reason you are here, welcome!

I love RPG/JRPGs. See steam library for a good idea of what I already have and tastes.


I don’t have any shirts, I was the victim of a weight loss surgery that I agreed upon and paid for. No super mario shirts though, I have several that still fit.

Things I enjoy that are not (necessarily) gaming related include:

  • Gundam models
  • Crystal 3d puzzles
  • The blood of my enemies
  • South Park

Shirt Size: 2xl

Systems I own: Switch, 3ds, PC

Steam name: Seething Hatred (the one with costas from project X as the avatar)


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